Terms of Service and Refunds

Once an order is made no refunds will be issued on knives or tools all those items are made to order. Products stocked in my store such as Axe Wax I will make a refund for as long as they are unopened and unused.

Once ordered a period of time will be available to make changes as long as those changes are asked for before the step in which the progress of the knife/tool is in. For example you change your mind on the color or handle material. As long is I have not yet applied the color or constructed the handle I can and will make said changes. You can contact me through this website, DM on Instagram @gunfighterdesign or text message 719-565-8699. In the event the product (knife/tool) fails such as breaks and is proven to not be misused such as intentionally destroying the product or using it to cut materials such as steel. I will build you a replacement knife/tool at my convenience after receipt of the broken tool. This excludes the DRT series tools which will be used in a manner in which they will inevitably be destroyed by repeated use. I will make my best attempt to complete and ship orders within twelve weeks. This timeframe may be extended do to external factors such as material availability, political climate, heat treating services, shipping issues, waterjet turnaround, moving, medical issues, or any other external factor not listed above.